About the Baker 👩🏻‍🍳

Jennifer Cesare AKA JenniCakes, is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Member of the Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also a Certified Fermentationist, understanding that healing one’s gut is the foundation of mental, emotional, and physical wellness. 

Jennifer has suffered with many health issues following a serious car accident, one of them the appearance of Celiac Disease. She just knew taking medication was not the answer for her and decided to seek out alternative healing modalities. Jennifer innately knew the body could heal itself, so she set out to learn as much as she could about health, healing, and disease. A healing technique she came across was The Elimination Diet. The idea is you take the top allergens out of your diet one by one and then slowly put them back in seeing if you have an adverse reaction confirming an allergy or intolerance. Like any journey, a health journey takes time, practice and patience. 

Understanding what benefits the Elimination Diet provides, and having experience with it in her own kitchen, Jennifer then applied the same principles to all of her culinary creations. Jennifer understood the need for consistency, so she exclusively cooked all her food from home. It was difficult to go out to eat and not get cross contaminated food but even more difficult to get a dessert without containing all the top allergens. The top allergens, which are also the basis for which JenniCakes products must not contain are gluten, dairy, grain, corn, soy, yeast, peanut, and eggs. Organic is another very important factor for keeping healthy. So she played around with the flours that she could have. Over time (a long time-a few years), Jennifer found her winning flour combination of almond and coconut flour. 

Jennifer was so excited that all her hard work finally was paying off! One thing Jennifer takes pride in is that all of her recipes were created by her and not an adapted recipe found online or in a book or Grandma’s recipe handed down. These recipes were a labor of love, and it shows! Only quality ingredients are used which ensure a delicious taste and texture. One thing Jennifer hears over and over again is how moist her products are. Usually gluten free and vegan products are dry and crumbly, but not JenniCakes’! That was very important to Jennifer, creating products that are just as good if not better than regular baked goods as well as variety. There’s nothing worse than reading a menu full of delicious treats and having only 1 or 2 items that are deemed gluten free or vegan. JenniCakes provides a full menu with delicious allergy friendly desserts baked in a dedicated gluten free kitchen! As time went on, there was an explosion of people with tree nut allergies. With JenniCakes being a dessert line that caters to allergies, she knew she had to provide options for this new group of people. -Coming soon!

Jennifer started to give out her desserts to friends and co-workers with positive reviews. She never thought of herself as a baker as she just played mad scientist in the kitchen, but after seeing people really enjoy her desserts and being told she may really have something, Jennifer decided to plan professionally. People started calling her JenniCakes and after awhile, the nickname JenniCakes just stuck and she decided to name that her business! 

Jennifer is passionate about great food and great health. JenniCakes’ products are forever evolving as the needs of her customers become more vast. New products to watch out for are tree nut free(almond flour), sugar free, CBD infused, and a fitness line with pea protein. 

JenniCakes looks forward to creating healthy and delicious desserts for your next event!🧁🎂🍩🍪